The First Wave - Unique Handmade Fine Gold Dipped Shark Teeth Tooth Fang Claws Earrings Necklace Jewelry Bracelet

It all started with the small but exciting success Antler handmade products that inspired me to start up Ocean theme items on Christmas Eve 2017. My husband has always been fond of the north, the cold, mountains covered in pine trees layered in snow was his calling. Mine? Not so much. While I preferred the fall time and warmer temperatures, I still understood what he saw and appreciated in the northern cold landscapes.  His inspiration was what he loved. Hunting, woods, cold...wild. So, while helping my husband with the shop that we started up together, I ran across some of my finer jewelry I had in my younger years. I was on the swim team all High school. I loved the sea, I loved to swim, I loved marine life and the vast diversity of animals and colors found throughout the seas and reefs.  To me, there is no greater beauty on earth than what lies below the sea. Coral reefs with so much life and colors it would make a rainbow jealous. Seashells with such awkward sizes, shapes, colors...yet, always perfected by nature. Nothing is more exciting for me than creating beautiful home decor and jewelry with the seas treasures. I love to work with seashells, sharks teeth, clams, sand dollars, star fish, puffer fish, and MUCH more.   As I write this blog post today, I have only 25 items in our stores grand opening shop. Check back with every week and see all the cool unique new stuff we will have! We make everything by hand, so when you shop with us you get unique one of a kind items!