We have some of the most incredible types of rustic / tribal jewelry you can image here at Artisan Bound and all of our materials are made with REAL tooth and claw pendants! You can find this theme of jewelry across every type we offer, Earrings, Necklaces, and Bracelets. You may be wondering, what type of tooth / claws do we offer? Well, check out the list below and see for yourself our incredible offerings for unique real handmade jewelry!

Types of materials used for ArtisanBound.com jewelry tooth and claw


Tibetan Wolf (Red Wolf)

Alligator (Florida gator teeth)

Red Fox


Butterfly Wings

Real Leaves Dipped in Gold / Silver



Whitetail Deer (teeth and antlers)

Elk (some teeth mostly antler)

Shark (many species of tooth pendants)


These are just a few popular options, as we have additional options based on what our suppliers have available! In addition to real tooth and claws, we also have real insect wings preserved in resin, such as Cicada and Butterfly wings! Check us out online and enjoy your unique shopping experience with FREE shipping within the USA! Here at https://www.ArtisanBound.com we are proud to offer our customer some of the coolest and most unique jewelry and knives on the internet! We provide top notch customer service and rapid shipping. Check with us every few days to see our ever grown list of new items! No two items are ever the same, and everything we offer is exactly as shown in the photos. We do not use stock photos here at ArtisanBound.com what you see is what you will get when you order with us!

Have a wonderful Summer!

- www.ArtisanBound.com Staff